Quality Finishes

Mechanically Polished & Brushed Finishes
Electro-Polishing is an electro-chemical polishing process that removes a small uniform amount of surface material at a controlled rate producing a smooth, bright and highly reflective finish. Electro-polished stainless steel furnishings are highly corrosion resistant, easier to clean, and effectively defy staining or adhesion.

Bead Blasting
Bead blasting completely removes any surface grain or texture and provides a uniform, smooth satin finish on the stainless steel..

No. 4 Polish
A No. 4 polished stainless steel is a general-purpose mechanically polished finish resulting in a fine satin directional grain.

Standard Mill Plate Finishes
2B Finish
With the 2B finish on stainless steel, the metal grains are flattened, giving the steel a smooth matte surface appearance.

Pickling and Passivation
Pickling and passivation for stainless steel involves the removal of surface iron from stainless steel using acid solution (mild oxidant) for the purpose of eliminating corrosion-causing surface contamination and encourages the formation of a protective oxide film.